Here's your light survey reading. 

Light as in fun, not short. Use the links to cut to the chase, or scroll away for the whole enchilada. 

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If you had to pick just three activities to do in the parks which ones would they be?

Kids play area, field space for play, nature trail

Just being outside with friends and family; walking, and think some of the ideas listed could be fun

picnics, stage for events, pools

Bike paths, skate park, and an off-leash dog park are my 1, 2, & 3

Run/walk, dog park, yoga

kids playground (all ages), walking, lawn games

Splash pad
Trail walk

Walking, outdoor calisthenics,  basketball

Basketball, swimming, splash pad

Kids playscape walking paths landscaping/garden area

WALKING PATHS, lawn games, more shade in “flex” areas

Walking path
Kids playground
Splash pad

Outdoor activities (such as hammocking, picnicking, etc), sports, and fitness (walking, exercise equipment etc) but local art included and rotated would be cool too.

Large board games, pool, and more accessible events.

Splash pad. Safe/age appropriate playground equipment for TODDLERS. Covered/shaded picnic tables and benches.

Rock climbing, yoga, lawn games

playing on playground equipment, tennis and walking

Basketball Court
New playground equipment

Walking trails, various levels of fitness equipment, and areas of natural habitat for all to enjoy nature.

Star gazing, the Movies in the park and  dog park

playground equipment, tennis and basketball courts, covered/shaded picnic facilities with bbq grills and open areas for family games

Playgrounds for the little ones, shade trees for the adults, better bbq equipment

Walking, playground equipment, dog park

Off leash park, organized class, walking trails

Soccer, running and playground

More walking paths, better landscaping, lawn games

Walking path
Nice grass for baseball/softball
Newer playground equipment

Playground equipment for kids
Walking paths
Dog park

kids playground, walking/hiking, skateboarding/bmx/longboard

playground, splashpad, tennis

Splash pads
Safe equipment

walking, yoga or tai chi class, learn pickleball

Dog play and long walks

Walking paths, covered picnic areas, obstacle courses

Tennis, basketball, children's play ground

Hangout, Obstacle course, yoga/walking

Dog walk playground  tennis

Basketball, swimming, horse shoes

Swimming, nature trail and mini golf

Dog park, golf,  walking path

Public Swimming
Better pavilions
Dog park

Water park, walking trail,  yoga

Kids playground
Outdoor spaces for walking running

Fenced in dog park. Sand volleyball. Upgraded park grills.

Playground, exercise equipment, water play (splash pad or pool)

Splash pad, basketball, picnic

Walking trails
Splash pad
Kids equipment

1. More walking paths/ connecting side walks. 2. Skate/bike park. 3. Pavilion/  Bdays party area/ covered areas- JUST MORE SHADE and WATER FOUNTAINS AT ALL PARKS PLEEEEAAASE!

walking paths, benches, kids playground

Running path/trail, activities for kids, place for community gathering

Rehab what we already have! Make basketball courts big enough to play, resurface tennis courts.  Keep up nets for both.

Adult exercise park, play with kids on playground, run.

Kid play, picnic/lounge, outdoor workout

Basketball picnic playground

Dog walking on leash, swimming, walking on paths and trails

Safe playground equipment. Wide Trails for children to learn to bike. Splash pad.

I think that The Village really needs an off-leash dog park. If I could get to one and not have to get in the car, my dog would enjoy so much more time there! As it is, we have to make a plan to go to the nearest one, so I can't spontaneously take her out.

Enjoy nature’s spaciousness, walking in nature, using field for whatever sport the kids are playing

playground for kids, splash pad, walking trails with benches

Nature trails, new/innovative kids playgrounds and splash pads, & road biking lanes

Leash free dog park
Zip line
Obstacle course

Kids playground, fitness equipment, tennis

Playground, splash pad, picnics

dog park, lawn games, fitness class

Walking (there are basically no sidewalks in the village, so doing laps in the park is the only place I'm not worried about getting hit by a car)

Playground equipment
Walking/running trail
Picnic areas

Walking trails, more trash cans and safety

Tennis, dog park, walking/running paths

Biking, splash pad, walking

tennis, dog park, equipment for the kids

Dog agility course, better kids playground, track

Off leash dog park, updated playground equipment and walking trails

Nothing else

Better playground equipment, walking paths, activities

Baseball, Soccer, Basketball

dog waste stations
running trails
water fountains


Socializing activities for my dog

Soccer, Football, Fizbee Golf

kids play equipment, obstacle course, badminton

Tennis courts, roller hockey rink, running track

Trail, community garden or outdoor exercise equipment

Playground, dog park, running trails

Please fix the tennis courts!

Dog-friendly (including off-leash)
Running trails

Dog walking

Large lawn games, pool, adult/dog splash pad

Exercise equipment, off leash park,  hiit

Kids playground
Spalsh pad

Ping pong
Rock climbing

Picnic walking splash pad

Pool Restooms and nature trail

Walking, splash pad, obstacle course

Outdoor games, grilling, natural trails

pullup bars, garden

Kids playground, splash pad, outdoor festivals and events

Walking/exercise, concerts/movies, picnics/grilling

Nature trail

Walking trail, swimming, nice kids playground

Excercise, Basketball, Play with My kid

Kid's playground
Disc Golf

Tennis, walking, gardening

Walking, Time with pets, Relaxing

Kayaking, trail running, mountain biking

Playgrounds, lawn games and walking/running trails

play with kids, splash pad, walk/exercise

Lawn games Kids playground Walking trails

Play with kids, off leash dog park, walking path

Playground, splash pad, nature walks

Basketball.  Bike Path. Outdoor games

Soccer, tennis, playground

Swing/play on playground, explore natural land/water-scapes, play field games (soccer, tag, etc)


walking paths
park benches for adults
playground equipment for kids

1. Kids' playground. 2. Explore nature. 3. Climb trees.

Tennis, cycling, run/walk

Swimming pool
Sand volleyball
Bike paths

Sand Volleyball
Box course

Full court Basketball
Field/recreation area
Running trails


Areas to hang hammocks, BBQ Grills, Basketball Court

frisbee, volleyball, basketbal

Places in shade for my kids to play.

A dog park for my dog.

walking, wildflower photography, picnicking

Swimming, cod hole, dog park

1. Dog park
2. Kids play equipment space used for classes, picnics and socializing

Sand volleyball
Bike/jogging paths connect to lake Hefner

Walking picnic splash pad

Swimming, walking, and mini golf


Playground, bike on trails, open space to run around and play soccer

Disc golf, swimming, tennis

Playground equipment, open grass multi-use area, tennis/basketball court


Park for toddlers, outdoor obstacles, and soccer nets

walking, dog area, and shade structures

walking, basketball, volleyball

Walking paths
Dog area park off leash bicycling

Swimming, equipment that can be used to exercise on as well as playing, walking tracks to walk and watch my kids

Is there anything else you like to do outside?


Play with my kid.

Fly a kite. Drone stuff.

Hiking/exploring nature

Explore natural areas with kids.  Birdwatching.  Stargazing.

Community garden
One thing to consider is the beauty of our parks and street scape elements. Improve in beautification. Look at kite park in Nichols hills

Bocce ball

Full court Basketball!!

Would love to see a small basketball shooting court, for kids/tweens/teens to work on layups. Families would be able to go out and play Horse together! Top priority.

Also, a 3v3 soccer field. (Much smaller than regular soccer field.) This would get used so much! Inexpensive, and doesn't ruin the organic feel of the park.

safe walking trail

Performing arts

Wildflower photography

Hang out with friends

Read or visit with friends  while enjoying nature. Garden. Watch movies. Drink and socialize.

Community garden
Bike paths
Sand volleyball

Enjoy a nice green space that is not scalped every time it is mowed


Bird watching

Fly kites with my kids

open spaces to play catch

Walking paths

neighborhood pool

Outdoor calisthenics

Look at gardens

Sit and relax. People watch.

View flowers in bloom. Visit a neighborhood garden.

Enjoy my front porch and watching the world go by. Gardening.

Star gazing in Johnson , Schooley parks

Fly a kite

Bird/butterfly watch & garden. Drink lemonade in the shade

Listen to live music, enjoy food trucks, watch movies


enjoy the sunrise / sunset, relax


It would be nice if there were public facilities at the larger parks.
Maybe permanent ice chests of some kind also.

Sit and read, photography , sit and visit or walk and visit. Observe nature- insects birds bats plants

Bumper cars, mini golf, trampoline park,

Love to be outside, but prefer sidewalks to walk on

Relax and chill

Having a fenced in dog park would be an amazing addition to the village. Having PAW OK near by is helpful though.

We need walk/run/bike paths around the hood please!

Star gazing

More walking trails for children to bicycle and skate

Enjoy nature’s spaciousness


dancing, movies


Water fountain & bike tire pumping station

Please fix the tennis courts!

Sit and watch birds :)

Read if there's a shady place, and people watch.

community garden

Festivals, music, theatre

More concerts, movies geared more toward adults

Community gardening

Farmers market  on the weekends

Listen to live music

Gardening and hiking

Nothing thanks!

Why do you visit _____ park the most?

Honestly it’s where the pokestop and Pokémon gym is

Daughter prefers equipment here

Walking/running path

It's a big dog park

I feel safer and more people and families who live outside the Village know about it; makes it easier to plan birthdays, etc.

It’s closed off and more private. Easier for my kids to just run and play while I sit and watch.

prettier landscapes and longer, more scenic walking paths

It is quiet and not crowded. It is probably quiet and not crowded because there is no parking so only neighborhood people are there. We like to bring our dogs there for that reason

Dog park to let my dogs off leash


Splash pad, and bathroom

The splash pad

It’s an open space I can use for many purposes. Uncluttered

It’s our favorite

It’s isolated from a lot of traffic

TENNIS  court

my kids

I walk around it when I'm on walks

Can walk there without crossing major artery.

It is least crowded. It has no parking so we have to walk there so no outsiders are there

It has a 1/4 mile walking path

It is near a creek and not crowded with poorly supervised kids from the YMCA

Special Events

Walking path

It is on my walking path.

Splash pad

What features would make the parks more accessible to everyone in your household?

Play structures


we love the playground at the zoo- all the features there are great

We’re all able to use the features just fine, but sidewalks would make the parks more accessible.

The city needs to start looking at how to make every one of its public spaces more handicap friendly, because regardless of what people would like handicap people are out there they do want to be a part of the city’s life.  it would be nice if the city would start acknowledging that. 

More benches/rest areas

Cleaner benches and tables. More equipment appropriate for smaller children.

Cleanliness or something for a toddler

More adult based exercise equipment

More shade and shaded seating, less mulch (I’d much prefer a recycled-tire flooring pad), more up-to-date playground equipment that’s especially designed for toddlers

ADA access. Better lighting, seating, etc. some seating can be hard to get up from.

Ramps, sidewalks, more comfortable benches, Dog parks, more splash pads/dog splash pads.  It would also be awesome to have a community pool simply because not everybody can afford to have one in their backyard.

Newer playground equipment and great lighting and picnic tables--I LOVE the concrete table that we have here in the village. I usually just bring a tablecloth over to cover them when we are picnicing.

Better play equipment

More trees

Additional playground equipment, repaired tennis courts, basketball goals, shaded areas, walking paths

Better playground equipment , better parking, better lighting

To be within walking distance to my house south of Britton Rd, sidewalks so I don’t have to fight traffic, cross walks on Britton so I can get to the parks.

I have a visitor with CP in a wheel chair. This makes it difficult to access parks and equipment

Sidewalks in the neighborhoods would make a huge difference!

walking trails

Nicer playground equipment. More shade.  Nicer grass.

Recreational biking and walking paths. Better lighting in evenings/at night, perhaps brighter and more friendly signage?

better sidewalks in the neighborhoods!

I can’t think of anything

More things to do for adults

covered areas

Updated play equipment. Walking trails.

Parking landscape walking trails

Basketball court, swimming, bike trails, pet friendly

Good, safe equipment

Dog parks, more walkways and sidewalks, walking paths

Dog park

A place for dogs to roam off leash.

Sidewalks, parking, concrete entry into park area for bikes and strollers.

water fountains and more shade

Running trail

More play equipment for kids and exercise equipment for adults

A safe way to cross May avenue.

Parking, restrooms, picnic tables

walking paths and trails, More shade, more areas to sit.

Playground equipment for younger children. wide walking paths

not sure. sorry.

Off-leash dog park

benches, safe walking areas

Adding variety - walking paths, new and varied equipment, rock wall, duck pond, trees, etc

More benches and some new stuff to play with!!

Better shade. Better equipment.

walking path

Some of the playground equipment has been replaced, do to a donation by former area residents,  which is great.  It would be nice if the remaining equipment was updated. A basketball area update would be nice as well.  Please add additional trash cans. There is only 1.  I realize the space limitations associated with this park.

can't think of any

walking trails, better lighting, dog things

I would like to see something done with the old Hertz building. And a bike trail made with part of Vineyard. Even though the speed limit is 25 MPH it rarely observed. As it is a 4 lane blvd in the middle of the City many use it as a short cut and think the limit is more like 35 mph. With the addition of more homes in area and the age of these home owners, I think a walking and bike path to link to the trails at Hawthorn would be a great addition to The Village. I understand money needs to be spent on existing parks, of which The Village has many. But it needs to be seen that people that pay taxes and could spend their money in The Village live in those new houses and will want to stay if the area surrounding them were made a bit more neighborhood friendly. I am surprised that some on the city council don't even know where Vineyard is when they travel it to go to meetings. Etc.

Dog Park

Basketball courts, soccer fields

Bike routes & sidewalks leading to parks. Natural areas for trees, wildlife, streams.

Trees more walks

Walking paths

nice safe playground equipment well maintained

Dog friendly
Walking/running trails

Bike lock stations, dog waste stations, dog water stations,mosquito treatment, water fountains

Walking paths and professional landscaping.

More shady areas.   More police patrols at night .  The playground equipment needs to have the area under it safer . Nothing had been done in ages.  Basketball has no rim.  More shade.  Trees not maintained.  Not sure big enough for walking paths.Many people with kids walk to the park and speeders along Carlton Way and Sunnymeade make it dangerous.  Except for the lady that had planted and maintained the little area around the Johnson Park sign nothing has been done in the way of landscaping except mowing for the last 40 years.  Trees haven’t been taken care of until they have to be cut down .  The tree that someone paid to transplant there died from lack of water!

Ramps, shade, benches, wheelchair accessible play equipment

More toddler appropriate equipment and a dog park

More natural features, like walking trails and landscaping

Better/more parking, benches, more tables, sidewalk

covered areas and sidewalks

More playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment

Safer playground equipment and more frequent safety drive by for potential child predators at parks

Wheelchair accessible

They are already very accessible to us. I am just hoping that all parks in all neighborhoods end up being Ng similar. I don’t want to see the nice neighborhood getting things while poorer neighborhood  parks remain dilapidated. This is already the case. The most western park, I do not know the name has a walking trail and dog poop stations etc. The others do not.

Handicapped accesible

It would be nice to have extended walking trails - I have to walk the streets.

More parking and more places that are covered for adults and families to sit.

designated dog area closer to home

Walking trails and dog waste stations

more playground equipment

Side walks

Easy to walk to

Shade and benches for hot days.  Drinking fountains and restrooms for the young and old.

walking paths

park benches

More equipment, a actual dog park and a swimming pool

Sidewalks, lighting, more benches, more playground equipment that ranged in age for one year olds on up.

Sidewalks, bike paths

A bridge from our neighborhood to the par over the drainage ditch

ponds, walking trails beautiful gardens, neighborhood market, neighborhood garden, fountains, organized activities for all ages

Our family plays disc golf together, if that was added it would draw a lot more people

They don’t seem inaccessible to my household.

Better car parking and variety in equipment

curb cuts and ramps for bike and stroller access

Wheel chair accessible and shade and water fountains

Multi use  equipment

Updated playground

Dog area

Updated play equipment.
Basketball court
Volleyball court
Dog park

Better facilities

Basketball court, dog park, pond, more trees.

A place to enjoy... Not avoid when it is hot.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about The Village Parks?

My family enjoys playing and exploring in natural areas such as forests and streams. We would like more natural landscaping.

Let’s get started

A splash pad or more toddler equipment would be great at Meeker Park!

I love how many parks we have in the Village!  Although I may not use them much in this phase of my life (single, childless, petless), I think they are a great element of our city.  I look forward to seeing how the Village maximizes the use of existing greenspaces in our community!

The basketball goals at Harrison Park greatly need improvement as well as the playground equipment.

We should install the "blue lights" they have on college campuses in case of emergencies where you can run to the nearest pole and press a button that alerts the police

Very excited about all the improvements going on for the community including this one. Thank you!

I would like to see the parks as places of beauty with landscaping, nice play areas, walking paths, maybe a water feature. Would love to see garden areas- maybe managed by interested citizens

We could get some good ideas for our parks by looking at the Nichols Hills parks.

My kids and grandkids have grown up going to that park.  The Big Toy still serves its purpose but usually the area around it isn’t safe for kids.  Weeds and lack of safety to fall has always been a problem.  Same with the swings.  Kids need to swing so hope we always have them.  I think police need to actually get out of their car and check out the park both during the day and especially late at night.

Need more pavilions, more parking, walking trails, benches

The Village is WONDERFUL!

Need recycling bin at larger parks

Please keep and improve the tennis courts   A dog park would be great.

Just that it would be so great to have beautiful parks that serve everyone. They have definitely had a good upgrade in the last few years but we need even more! Thanks for your efforts!

Trash is an issue.

We absolutely love Wayne Schooley park!!!


You have too many small parks with nothing you need to concentrate on one bigger Park and make it nice

thanks for updating. it needs it since there are many new young families

Thank you thank you thank you for paying attention to, and investing in the parks. They are one of the best features of living in the Village!

The parks don’t need more parking, nor do they need bathrooms. Focus on water fountains, and the kind that can give a drink to dogs as well, walking trails, lighting, new playground equipment, exercise park equipment.

I hope we can make them more accommodating for all age groups and beautiful to improve the image of The Village and hopefully keep attracting more young families and create an opportunity for neighborhood kids to socialize and get to know one another.

They can be wonderful I just wish the people that visit were for clean.

I believe more adult calisthenics areas would benefit our community greatly

In general I would like more natural aspects to the parks that’s what attracts me to parks, places to walk surrounded by nature and for kids to play in; better equipment for kids to play on. Those are my main concerns

Top 3 things I’d LOVE to see: walking paths, shaded areas with seating, playground equipment with recycled-tire flooring pads (not mulch or shredded tire pieces)

I would love to be able to go to the parks in my area and enjoy them but they’re all in accessible to those who are in wheelchairs or have other disabilities. They don’t have updated equipment that is safe for everybody to play on. The splash pad at Duffner Park is more geared towards children and shocking as it may be adults like to play on splash pad to do. And it would be awesome if one of the parks had a community pool in it.  And if the parks can’t accommodate that or give a community pool then a deal needs to be worked out with the Y so that people who live in the village can go to the Y for free to swim  but ultimately I think the better deal for the village would be to have a yearly membership type thing for residents and allow them to go to the pool during the summer season.  And if they position it just right they could actually do the movie nights at the pool  and allow for a concession stand to be there and that would bring more money into the village is well. There are ways for you to accommodate residence of the village with more exciting things like more splash pads or a community pool or things like that and still bring in money to the village.

Thanks for putting this survey together. I love living in the Village and especially love its people, employees , services provided and its parks

Basketball goals Nd new equipment needed.

Bring the parks back to nature!  Plant more trees, native grasses, and plants. Allow for habitats to be established.

Let’s make our parks a crowning feature in the Village. They all need ornamental gardens and scenic landscaping.

Johnson park is a concern with it being on 2 busy streets. It would be nice to see some type of fencing or barriers to prevent the little ones from running out into the streets. Not to block the view, but something to slow them down.

It is wonderful to have so many parks in our community.  Newer areas do not have this opportunity available to the homeowners.  These parks are an advantage for not only parents, but also for grandparents like us, who brought our children to the parks when they were young.

Parks would be more fun if there was more shade for everyone in the summer time and better parking.

I love the village and would love to see all of our parks used my more

We need a community center with family activities

Thanks for all the work, the great site, the great survey, and the work you all are doing to make our outdoor spaces better. I love the remodel of Bluff Creek, especially the gardens and pavilions. That landscaping is gold in my eyes. Hopefully we can find a way to do something similar that is water smart.

Keep up the great work!

Please don't get rid of the vintage equipment but do take better care of the grass - maybe some irrigation is needed. Also, something other than wood chips under the playground equipment would be nice.

It is nice to have parks in neighborhoods but they most are not easy to locate or see from the main streets.

We are excited about the prospect of improving the parks in the village. we hope also that bicycle trails will exist to help get to the parks rather than relying on a car. I know the village does what they can to keep the parks in good shape and we are very excited about this.

Small ponds or permanent fountains, some water features that aren’t a splash pad. Inviting spaces. I’m a landscaper and these are the things people are drawn to.

We take great pride in having so many parts in the village. We would like for all the parks to be equally nice. We would like native trees and plants planted in the parks to conserve water and guarantee the success of those plants. Those plants would also increase by nature connection. Thank you for taking on modification of the Village Parks.  We wonder why all of the parks are not represented on this survey

Keep up the good work!

Would love to see a nature trail and some kind of golf type area.

I do enjoy them and didnt realize The Village had so many.

I want it to blend in with the natural surroundings make it a cool architectural playground that is “hidden” in a modern naturalistic way.

I love the little neighborhood parks! It makes the Village special. I would love to see landscaping, continued maintenance, shade areas, and updated equipment that's weather friendly. A peaceful, comfortable picnic area. Long term, I would love to see walking trails, more trees, more activities, a dog park, and some additions to the splash pad. Of course, having water features in some of thr other parks would be nice.

More community events in the parks would be nice.

itd be awesome if we could have a skate or bike park for older kids.  I think each park should offer something different so we dont have 5 parks all for little kids or all for BBQing. maybe 1 with adult workout area, run trail, kids area- then 1 with little kids stuff, then 1 with nature and a view, ect

I think considering maintenance of anything we do is very important.  Everything we get needs maintenance or replacement eventually

Please consider allocating more money to Wayne Schooley Park!

Please keep the names.. especially Bumpass, Dufner & Schooley.  Keep up the good work.  Love my hometown

Thank you for looking into improving our parks! Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it.

I’m so excited for some improvements. Would love to see a tiny splash pad/fountain at a few other parks. Would love walking paths from the west side to duffner.

I really like the park system - things are generally clean and well maintained. The old-school slides in the playgrounds are the BEST. If there were some kind of formal volunteer program, I would sign up.

Stated all above. Please be in tune with the reference made as to the on going alarming activities of the adjacent neighborhood.   Thank you for asking for our opinions.

Walking paths with landscaping goes a long way.  New playground equipment!

it's encouraging that they're doing this masterplan project to improve the parks.  i believe the # and quality of parks is one of the nicest things about living in The Village

Thanks for all you do! Please consider an off leash dog park and updating playground equipment to better serve children of all age and abilities.

I enjoy the parks, I feel as though when I have children that I will use the parks more than I do now.

I'd love more walking paths and some new equipment in the smaller parks. Sidewalks to the parks so I can walk there would be great too

Lighting in Wayne Schooley park is not as difficult as it seems. Waste high, solar powered, motion detection, with timers. Make it happen!

Would love to see a walking trail/sidewalk at Duffner Park. It is a active park & could use more parking areas. Need Some more benches along the walking trail & trees for shade. The picnic area should not be closed up - but kept open for anyone who want to take a rest, eat a bite, or have a bit of cold drink. (Water, Tea) I think for people to have to park along the street, ( both sides) is dangerous & really not fair to the people who live on that steet across from the park. The park s/b for everyone. No just kids. Although that's great, but for all ages, & with the above suggestions, could be that. 

I frequent Dufner Park because many of our community events are held there and I volunteer and participate in most of them. But I use Wayne Schooley because it’s quiet and I can walk to it and  walk the track. I can also view Lke Hefner so any improvements that could enhance those details would be appreciated

We need side walks.

I like the splashpad on Britton and May but I think I missed talking about this park. The playground is okay. Splashpad is GREAT

The Village needs more natural green space for kids to play in and explore. Everyone benefits from more time in nature.

The Village is missing natural areas for kids to explore.  We sometimes hike the drainage area along Whitechapel because it has shrubs, vines, rotting logs, and rocks with bugs, birds, and reptiles.  It would be nice to have streams and creeks to play in that are not just concrete.   Also, is the area along the creek north of the Village Drive and south of Vinyard a park or not?

I don't know if it would be possible, but a dog park in the village would be nice. It doesn't have to be as big as the OKC Paw Park by the lake, but somewhere we can take our dogs to freely play with other Villagers' dogs would be really nice. The parks I have seen in the Village are pretty large. Something about the size of the Midtown dog park would be doable, I think. I apologize if there already is one, I just haven't heard about it.

Most of the parks look very dated.

They need improved facilities and landscaping

We are thankful we have nice parks that our kids really love.

Let’s have a community pool and you pay for access to it. Also a actual dog park!

I would love to see a community garden created  in Johnson park and little free libraries with a bench in each. I would like them to each have unique identities.

Thank you for all your work! We love being outside. We often bike to lake Hefner and kite park in Nichols hills so we really look forward to all the improvemts in the parks in our own neighborhood to be closer to home

Follow OSU mowing practices for grasses in Oklahoma and we would have greener parks with fewer weeds

Please add a disc golf course.  They are cheap to maintain and disc golfers for the most part are respectful of the parks and will even help clean it up

We enjoy the parks. I wish there was more shade structure to make them more enjoyable throughout the day in the summers.

the village needs an off leash dog area.  maybe a waterfall at the entrance of duffner facing hefner rd. a basketball hoop!

I love the Village and the parks we have scattered about would be nice to have statues at each park or scattered thru out the Village

What do you like about Bumpass Park?

all the space

How big it is, stays clean and nice

The twisty slide and the caterpillar. Please do not remove those.

The size.  There is a lot of room to have fun equipment and hopefully picnic and lounge areas too.

Nice equipment for kids, nice walking area

Has playground equipment and trees

It’s open to a lot of possibilities, but the layout of the park seems choppy

The whole park needs to be updated and it needs to be more handicap friendly

It’s close to my house

Closeness to home

Large size and location

That it is across the street from the Y and Casady school. Also that it has the VFD and VPD close

Shaded areas, size, equipment variety

It is close to home

Adequate size for a playground


It's close. I have fond memories of taking my sports teams photos there after our games at the Y. We did my 4 year old's pictures there and they turned out great. It's really well shaded and I like the new trees that have been planted.


It's not always packed, but it's got a friendly "vintage" feel, so parents and grandparents also remember their childhood while visiting. I love the old-school feeling. It could definitely stand to be modernized — but please keep some of its longstanding character.

The location is good. There are usually other children there to play with, but it is seldom overcrowded in the evening. Because the equipment is spread out, there is plenty of room for children to run around and play.

It’s a good size and close

the vintage play equipment

We like the size of the park, tennis courts and having play equipment nearby.

Too many things to list.

I like its convenient location by car, its trees, and its vintage equipment. I feel like the caterpillar is a Village Icon! It could be a destination park with a new big toy and a skatepark. If you’re considering a skatepark, this is the place to do it because it’s visible from Penn and the closest park to the police station. Please put in a skatepark!

I love the native trees there especially the poor oak in the stand of soap berries. I love that the picnic tables are in the shade and I do like the tennis court and the vintage equipment.

Close to my house

Lots of memories at the playground!

Picnic tables

It's nice to go relax on a warm morning.

Size, equipment it has to offer

Close to the ymca

That the park equipement is older and distinct its so fun for the kids bc its different.  I love that there are treas for shade and lots benches.  Mostly I love that things are so spread out so the kids can run run run!


Lots of shade trees

I love that it doesn't feel crowded. I really like some of the vintage equipment.


It's got a lot of space.

Bumpass is a great space for a variety of uses!

my go to park for 55 years

It’s big and has a variety of equipment. My kids love the big caterpillar.

Mature Trees


size and location

I live directly across from Bumpass. It is the reason that we purchased our home. I do feel that most of the equipment is outdated and some could possibly not be"up to code". I love the tennis court and am glad it is not a basketball court. We love the picnic tables and benches. I do not like that the YMCA school program leaves trash there. It should be either picked up by the children or the employees of the Y program.

It just being a park in the City.

The catepillar

The play equipment

that it has a trash can I can deposit dog waste in.

Lots of space and fun playground equipment

Not much. Only went one time when the kids were younger. They got bored really quickly

Its diversity. There's enough room for a lot of people to have a really good time.

I like that there is a greenspace (Bumpass Park) just down the street from my house that is regularly used by the community, even if I only walk by it.


Location to my house

It’s a nice size and near our house.

Parking, tennis courts, playground areas

It's size and location

It’s a good size and I can run a big circle in it especially on 3-14 which is pie day run 3.14 miles in a circumference

Lots of options for play.

Merry go round

It is close and has equipment for a variety of ages/abilities

The mature trees: mulberry tree for climbing, hackberry and oak for shade.  Solid-surface concrete picnic tables.  Fun play equipment.  Often other kids to play with.

There is a lovely big tree to escape the sun and it is so close to our house. We don't just go in the morning... Afternoon and evening too

The swings

Like all Village parks they are clean but don’t offer anything but the base minimum


It’s huge

Play equipment, older trees


What problems does Bumpass Park have?

This is one of our best parks, but could use a new big toy, and a new attraction. Tennis isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, and there’s a court at Harrison, which is close. I’d replace the Bumpass tennis court with something more appealing to modern trends.

Lots of the equipment doesn’t need to be replaced, it just needs some extra love! (Paint and tuning up)

Age and condition of equipment.  It could be a great park and be an asset to the city/neighborhood.

Needs fencing being so close to Penn, more landscaping and paths

Litter, primarily from the YMCA kids. Limited parking forces people to park on Gladstone. It’s very dark at night.

It’s not terribly friendly for those in wheelchairs or other disabilities and all the equipment is so old that it’s not safe to play on

Gets very muddy

old. needs fence or something to block the busy road for young kids

No walking trails, seems run down

Outdated playground equipment. Trash left from the Y program.

Outdated play equipment

Litter from some that visit

Ymca kids use the park all the time and scared my children by being mean and aggressive to them

Old equipment


The grass doesn't always grow well and the slides are pretty rickety (and super hot when the suns out).

Close to main thoroughfare.

The only barrier to Penn Ave. is a loose treeline and a modest grade. However the park is much more inviting and appealing for the fact that it is not fenced off from the street, so I have always been willing mitigate this problem by to watching and training my kids.

The Catepillar isn’t very safe I feel like

tennis court is rough, no covered areas

Tennis courts are showing age with cracks and plant growth.  The park could use a walking trail and or sidewalks.  The play equipment is in needs of replacement.  We would missed the merry go round but the old equipment should be removed.


It is too crowded with people outside of the village and it is overused by YMCA groups of children for daycare. When the YMCA is using it it is not functional for people with children especially young children to use the park and they’re very own neighborhood. I feel like if it’s going to be used for commercial use even non-prophet use it should be paid for for them to use it.

Updated equipment

Could add some new, updated equipment!

Most things at the park seem outdated.

Close to busy road, needs more landscaping. Maybe adding bushes or landscaping near the road or serve as a barrier to Penn. Needs new equipment.

Needs some new equipment

NO water fountain :(, no pavillion or area for a bday party, no walking path and the parking situation is weird with only 1 way to go in and out.  Parking lot feels a little unsafe.

Old/dangerous equipment, dirt/muddy areas

Open to busy street

The metal slides get too hot! It gets muddy when it rains.

Could use an update

parking.  neighbors can get cranky

Litter on ground, old equipment, oftentimes flooded with after school care kids from the YMCA.

Old equipment really spread out.

Terrible tennis court and old equipment

too close to busy street (Penn)

Needs a picnic pavilion.

Could use more shade

should have a full dog waste station.

No security fencing off Pennsylvania

Eye sore. Lame equipment

After a good rain, the area around some of the picnic tables becomes a mud hole.

There needs to be sidewalks/ walking trail, even in the small park

not safe for kids at night.

Outdated play equipment and wish more scenic garden spot to read

Our children are in their 40’s and spent a lot of time  playing.  The playground equipment is the same they played on.  Bumpass is the most visible park to the public and it looks as if no one cares.

Far too much trash! All of us who live around the park spend 5 months out of each year picking up trash from our yards that has blown out of the park. This is a serious issue.

The tennis court needs to be improved.

No protection from the road.

Paint chips. Feels like grass is needed under trees.

Lots of cockleburs in the grass, very sloshy after rain, heavy use from YMCA.

Sand burrs in the grass.  Tall slide is hazardous for toddlers.  Need a fence between park and Penn Ave to contain running children.  Often trashy.  Neds more animal habitat such as shrubs and tall grass.

Some new playground equipment should be added

There isnt much for really littles to do and frankly that one baby swing is not really safe

Dark at night, no basketball court

Needs more shade

No trees and brown grass mowed too shrt

it is not toddler friendly

The metal play equipment is dangerous for kids

Could use some updated play equipment

Any other comments about Bumpass?

Looks nice but lots of metal structures in the sun

needs better equiptment

It could be a destination park if it was spruced up a bit

Very very open and feels like of barren, more trees/landscaping would be nice

Please do not put in bathrooms.

Seems nice but there’s no fence to guard kids from getting onto Penn! (If I’m thinking of the right park.)

Consult with the YMCA- the park is used daily by their summer day camps and after school care.

I’d love walking paths and more fitness equipment to supplement the tennis court.

Would visit much more often if hot metal slides were replaced with plastic

The city of the Village needs to slow traffic down on Gladstone Terrace. There are speed limit signs but people continue to speed down my street going more than 25 mph. The speed limit needs to be lowered because of the park and it needs to be enforced.The NO PARKING signs need to be placed in easy sight spots on the south side of the park. AND they need to be enforced. During the fall and spring months when YMCA soccer is going on people park on the south side of the park--where NO PARKING signs are-and we residents on Gladstone sometimes have a hard time backing out of our own driveways. I understand that having the Y in our neighborhood is fantastic but the Y needs to remind its teams not to park there.

Not great parking

In high school, I used to visit this park when I lived in Edmond (80s, early 90s). I had a friend nearby. It's just a nice, peaceful, fun little park. It feels like it's a secret.

It gets puddly and muddy.

I know my step-daughter loved Bumpass park as a little girl and has good memories of spending many hours there on the playground equipment with her dad.

We love the location.  Public restored and an explanation to two tennis courts would be nice.

It doesn’t show any pride of our city.

Overall a great place!

Create barrier to Penn ave with landscaping. More trees on southeast side of park

Keep the playground equipment please! Its so cute and the kids love it!

Make sure you keep the name

It’s too close to a main road for little kids. Needs a fence or trees to block it off from the road.

I've met a lot of people over the years at the park, and most of them always comment about the Vintage equipment. Everyone loves it.

More landscaping and a pavilion or gazebo could be nice additions

Needs new equipment and updated tennis court and basketball court.

I would love to see more greenery and gardens

Know the YMCA uses it daily.  Couldn't it help pay for a much needed upgrade?

I wish there were more side walks there and on the way there.

Need more shade.

I don’t mind that the YMCA uses the park, but they bring groups over there a lot and the kids are very poorly supervised.

We often play with people at Bumpass Park who drive in from someplace else or are visiting from the YMCA.

This is the most used park by the YMCA for their camps. They should be approached to help fund the improvements.

It is the furthest away from my home

Needs sand volleyball

Need water and doggie bags in case I forget some times

What do you like about Duffner Park?

Splash pad and big toy

splash pad

The stage is a cool feature. Let’s use it more!

Splash pad, location and size.

The gated splash pad

Good central area for the community

Inside a neighborhood large space splash pad better playground equipment

LOVE the park *but* HATE the mulch. Having one of those recycled tire pad (like a carpet of cushion, not shredded tire pieces) would reallllllly be amazing. Mulch is the worst.

Splash pad and community events

It’s big and has s lot of potential

Honestly my only complaint about the park is it’s not accessible.

Love the open space and community events held here. Have rented pavilion several times. Very nice area and splash pad makes it a destination.

The splash pad mostly


Big, needs to be the Village showplace Park.

Movies, Block Party, the Fall Festival, The Lions Car Show, Splash park for other interest

Splash park, newer playground equipment, size, ability to hold community events

The splash pad

Splash pad

Gated splash pad

My kids like the newer equipment. er... the not as old equipment. Love the splash pad. Personally, I love the vintage equipment because it reminds us of the Village's beginings.

We mainly use the splashed. It's fun and gated.

I like the size of the park. The location.

Location, size

I like that it is a large open space with multiple uses I like that it has some parking but not too much

Close to home. Wish it had a basketball court and big kid stuff

The size, so many things to do and the splash pad

Memories at the playground! Love passing by

Great for movie night

Splash pad

Size, privacy from main roads, splash pad. Updated playground equipment

Splash pad and the bathrooms , open field, play equipment

Slash pad and pavillions, plus plenty of space to take a walk or run around the perimeter

Has the most to do, newest play equipment

Splash pad

The splash pad is awesome.

Best place for events. would love a farmers market there, more events geared to adults and seniors, craft shows etc. Love the dog event afor charity etc and the dog walks.

We mostly go there because it's closest to the house

The splash pad and the pavilion.


Splash pad is great

Location and splash pad!!

Splash pad!

multi use

It's kept clean, there's plenty of space for people to spread out, good variety of amenities. Splash Pad is fun, we always joke it needs "adult swim" time in the evening

Splash pad


The splash pad is really neat. I just wish it wasn't so crowded

The splash pad and stage.

Open space

Not much, but our kids are older. I am sure it is fun for families with younger children.


Just a great community park

Pavilion, Splash Pad, Stage, Open field, Picnic Tables, Shade, Playground equipment

I like the size and accessibility. Really enjoy the community events here.

The splash pad!

Close, mix of playground and nature

Splash pad

The splash pad is fun and the pavilion is good for group events

The Splash pad! The pavilion.  The fence and hedge along Hefner.  It's very nice to have restrooms.  Visible location for community events.

Large enough for community events
Splash pad good for families
Convenient location

I like the size of the park and that there are multiple options of things to do including the splah pad and play equipment.

The splash pad... It is so popular it can get really crowded.

The splash pad

I love how close it is and how they hold yoga classes and movies in the park. I love that we can go swing and that we have a splash pad.

Splash pad!

Close to home

The splash pad. The playground

Splash pad

Splash pad, play equipment, tennis court

good open spaces to walk and play catch

It’s a bigger park and plenty of parking

What problems does Duffner Park have?

More mulch around big toy and fix playground drainage issue.

Not enough parking

the covers of the picnic tables in the splash pad only work at midday, needs a fence around park, better equiptment

I’m there enough to spot problems, besides the statements above.

I don’t care for the football practice that occurs there. The coach is too loud and aggressive. It creates a bad vibe in the park. I don’t feel the park should be used for this activity. It should take place at the school the team is affiliated with.

Would love to have access to restrooms without renting.  Especially when we are there for the splash pad.  My kids like to stay a long time and would stay longer to play at the park if there were restrooms since we don't live walking distance.

The splash pad cleanliness.

Not enough trees/landscaping and parking

Not enough shade, not enough benches in the shade, not enough play equipment for toddlers.  Play ground has mulch instead of one of those amazing recycled-tire flooring pads

Poor parking, awkward layout and landscaping. I know the splash pad is part of the park, but it feels like a separate attraction and not the same.

Accessibility  for wheelchair bound people.  those in wheelchairs can get into the park a little easier than others but there needs to be more accessibility and it would be nice if the splash pad had an adult time (if it does I don’t know about it) but ultimately it would be awesome to allow adults to have splash pad fun.

Lack of shade and picnic tables

No permanent bathrooms right at the splash pad site. Port a potty's are NASTY, NASTY, NASTY !!!!

The hideous pavillion and that often has a lot of people there/crowded at times.

Lack of landscaping.


Bbq equipment looks like it is contagious.   Not enough parking for our most popular park.  Bathroom facilities are nice but really only temporary.

Location, parking

Needs a nicer restroom instead of portapotty

The poor grass is always struggling. It's always hard pan out there in the baseball field. The tennis court has a chainlink fence for the net. I'd love to paint a mural for the Village saying "Welcome to the Village" on the wood panel facing Hefner and separating the tennis court from the pavillion.

I wouldn't mind more covered sitting at the splashed

It seems conveniently located but has no soul because it's just grass next to a busy street.

The tennis courts need updating. The older portions of the playground need to be replaced

It looks janky.

The pavilion needs to be moved it needs more need a place particularly trees it needs better shaded areas

No big kid stuff. No Basketball court. No skating, No bicycle trail, No place for pet, not enough parking, not enough benches,


Could be refreshed!


Outdated playground equipment

Concerned about safety of tall slide

no walking path, no water fountain

Tennis courts are in bad shape

I live on the West side of May so it's not very convenient for us to access. The play equipment is old and limited.

Metal slides! Parking is terrible. My children are terrified of the porta potties.

Lack of shade and places to sit. Also lack or parking and nice landscaping. Walking paths too.

The playground equipment is old. Then this way more things for younger children


Not enough play equipment

Needs more benches and get rid of the metal slides!!

No crosswalks from W of May

The pavilion is old and outdated.


The bathrooms near the splash pad have been dirty every time we have visited.

The splash pad is already really crowded

I believe the remaining backstop is in an unfortunate location. I miss there being a soccer goal(s).

Not much grass/dirt for community events

It gets more funding than other parks. You'd think it was the only park in the city.

Poor parking, bald patches in the grass.

None that I know of

Need bathrooms closer to pavilion, more lighting, a little more shade

The pavillion is an eye sore and often attracts a rougher crowd makingit intimidating for famiies with small children to use the park.

Poor drainage after rain, the pavilion/play equipment is far from the splash pad, could use more trees

Pavilion is showing its age and needs improvements or to be rebuilt.  Difficult to give directions to since it's on Hefner but the address is not.  Has trash around sometimes.


I like the older equipment but I'm not sure how safe some of it is.

It is so popular it gets really crowded.

Not enough shade for large events

The pavilion looks junky, there are too many bbqs, there is inadequate parking, the play equipment needs updating.

It’s close to a busy road. There is not a ton of shady spots

Parking due to its splash pads popularity

Younger age play equipment

people that park there overnight

Need water fountain and restrms

Any other comments about Duffner Park?

I like that we have Village wide activities there.

Duffner is a park that the Village relies on. It's been a focus for so many activities over the years and it needs to stay that way.

A walking trail around it would be nice for the kids to ride their bikes on.

I think this is the park people are talking about building a walking path in? That seems like a pointless expense for such a small and uninterestingly landscaped park.

We really enjoyed the community events The Village holds there.

Needs more police control. To much alcohol at times

I'd like to see more landscaping. Eventually upgrade splash pad to have more things (thinking of water slide)

It would be very nice to have a playground designated for 4 and under

would love to see swings or other equipment for wheelchairs for kids

We are so thankful to have a splash pad so close to our house. I really love that it is gated. It makes me feel  that my kids are safe.

It's a great little park

Parking is horrible. Guests have no regard for people's driveways.

Great park for community events. Needs more visibility from Hefner.

Would love to see a little free library installed, a nicer, locked rentable space that could be used for parties especially since the splash pad attracts outsiders, more parking and sidewalks - possibly a track around its perimeter, more lighting around the park, and better landscaping - maybe create a butterfly park with milkweed and some natural landscaping with a nice bench over by the little library stand.

Need better shade trees

Please do not build bathrooms. They invite crime and mischief.

I wish parents would clean up after themselves or their kids because mine picked up someone else's straw and put it in her mouth.

Could use more adult exercise equipment

Let’s update the pavilion and get some greenery.

Really needs to update old set of playground stuff.

What do you like about Harrison Park?

It’s the closest to the south village.

Nice walking area

It’s a close neighborhood park

That it's not known by many

Not too crowded

it has a tennis court

The size and it’s a hidden gem

I love that it feels like a private part there are very few people there because there is no parking. Our dogs can run around a bit and we can swing and play tennis and most of all splash in the water or the ice


The tennis court

Tennis court is the best one we have, but still needs help

See saws

It’s open with several trees

it has a tennis court

Location is great

I like that I can see it from my front do! But I do wish it would get updated equipment!

Open grass area to walk my doggie.

I like all those the space for my dog to run

Location .. activities

It's the closest to my house since we don't have a park South of Britton.

It's right across the street.

The kids love to explore the creek. The tennis courts keep the park screened from Britton.

We like the stream and shouting into the drainage tinhorn.  We always play on the swings. We use the bridge across the creek on Village Drive.

Enough running area for my dog

The bright colors of the equipment

It is close

It’s in my backyard

I like the tennis court and basketball court but both need huge improvements.

I like the size and has swings

What problems does Harrison Park have?

Had the sidewalk been invented when this park was built?

Could use some adult calisthenics area

No parking

It has some great potential.


No parking

Promotion of location in local search engines, maps, etc.

it's boring, seems like there could be a lot more to do

Just the tennis courts in ny opinion

Some of the equipment is really not very useful and dated there also should be some more shade trees trees that are native and large. It might take a long time for say a burr oak to mature but it would be worth the wait

Vandalism to home next to park.  Trash. Small court

The court and equipment could be better

Lack of parking and equipment

The big ditch in the park attracts my little kids and I don’t want them playing in it. Also I feel least safe in this park of all the Village parks we frequent

awful tennis court

tennis court is one of the worst ones in the city

It needs better parking and I would love more walking paths

A pet waste station would be a great addition.  Lots of people walk their dogs in the park and they are not expensive.

It’s old equipment!

Too dark at night and not enough light.  Needs more play ground equipment with updated tennis court and new basketball court.

Outdated and run down

No water feature.. splash pad

Parking is insufficient. Not enough shade, wind blocks, or noise blocks from Britton road traffic. The equipment is all very old.

Parking - people have a tendency to pull up on the dirt/grass, just making the dirt area wider.

No parking off Village Drive. There is a delapidated vacant house right by the slide without any fence.

House on the west side is vacant and attracts vandals.  Many cigarettes and trash on the ground.  Spraypaint on the trees.  The drainage stream could be a nice wetlands area but is instead a concrete ditch.  A bike rack would be nice.  An additional picnic table and bench would be nice.  Paint job on the equipment is awful.

It’s run down

Needs  just a few more benches, since I'm disable I have to rest frequently.  The bench in the tennis court needs to be repaired and the bench nearest to the road is to high up to sit comfortable.

The merry go round is gone. That was my favorite part of the park

No shade... Hot and dated

Needs new court and some other sport courts

Not enough trees and the grass is scalped every time they mow and it becomes a a dusty dry brown mess of weeds every summer

Everything needs to be replaced.

Any other comments about Harrison Park?

Tennis isn’t popular anymore. Taking out the court to add some other attraction would greatly increase the value of this park.

This park could make a great skateboarding park.

Maybe a foot trail?

Needs bicycle trails.

I feel like this could be used more than it is. Priority has gone to duffner

Landscaped Walking paths would be awesome!

Need to utilize the open grass area better and bring nature into it.

I would love to see a dog park or basketball course.

Would be great to have sidewalks on the south side of Britton with crosswalks and lights to cross the road. I drive to the park because Britton road feels unsafe to cross.

It's a quiet park with houses VERY close all the way around. I wouldn't want any changes that make it noisier or make it a liability as opposed to the asset it currently is.

The creek is a great opportunity to connect with nature if it were more of a natural habitat and less of a concrete ditch.

This park could have very nice natural areas with shrubs, trees, and a wetlands area in the stream.

A nice shady pavellion maybe with grills?

I would love to see this park dedicated to a dog park. I see a lot of people there with there dogs verses with kids.  The people I see there tend to play fetch with there dogs, so it would be nice to see it safer for dogs to run around with out the worry about them running in to the roads.

Might want to add a water fountain or a padded area for 4 square

I think this would ve an AMAZING spot for a dog park.

Put back the water fountains by the tennis courts

What do you like about Johnson Park?

That it a simple basic park.

its close to me

It’s close to me, it’s not busy, it has shaded benches and big toy.

The location.

Honestly nothing because its next to a busy street

Nice walking area

It’s simple but available for diverse tasks

I love that there are benches and stuff but I can’t get up into the Burke to enjoy them

No clue, but my daughter prefers this park over others

The playground equipment and the wooded area

The peacefullness and the fact that the kids crom neighborhood have some place to go

Close to home, nice park on a smaller scale, open areas for free-play


I like the wide open space and the main playground equipment

We used to stop there on our walk to Johnies and now we stop there on our walk to Duncan. The kids love the upper deck of that older slide. They also like the merry go round and the newer equipment.

This isn't about Johnson Park, but I feel like I should point out that the last couple of parks aren't in Google maps — at all — when you google "parks, The Village, Oklahoma." I'm not sure how many else are missing, but we're missing a big opportunity to show city residents these parks and teach them more about what they offer. I would have never known some of these parks were here unless, maybe, I grew up here several decades or more ago. Not complaining, just making a note of it. Thank you.

Close to my house

Not much, it's pretty boring


I like that it is a neighborhood park that you can walk to. It is it has nice equipment. It is not crowded.

Use to have a basketball goal

Nice walk from my house. It's pretty bicg.

Peacefulness. I enjoy some of the vintage equipment like the merry go round

It’s close


The Open Space is nice

It's close to my house

Proximity to our home and the merry go round

The merry go round!!

Neighborhood park. Basketball goal. Good size.


It’s isolated from a main road. It’s usually not very busy.

It’s walking distance

Proximity to home

I like that it is a small, quiet neighborhood park

I like the size


I like that it is walking distance from our house. I also like that it’s big enough to explore and play for my 2-year old. It’s never too busy so he can always swing.

Clean, friendly, close by

I love having a park close enough to walk to and I like feeling safe there with my kids.

Neighborhood park.  Great place to walk your dog, relax, & take the kids

It’s not to big, my kids and grandkids have loved it.  Lots of families use it.

It’s walking/biking distance for my family.  I can jog and still keep an eye on my children while they play.

Great benches donated recently; new paint on the play equipment -- great!; love the open area for frisbee or ball play

I like the proximity it is to my house.

It is quiet there.

Great for small children.

Can see my children in all areas from my seat

Don’t use it much but do walk by

I love that it’s internal to the Village. Would be the perfect place for a community garden

Close to home

The play equipment and the open space.

What problems does Johnson Park have?

The basketball court is broken. Trees need to be protected.

many. its not safe equipmen for young kids. the dogs behind the park are scary and need better fences. the equipment is boring. it needs a fence.

Old equipment needs updated.

Basketball goal is always broken. As soon as it is replaced, it is broken off again.


It’s small and surrounded by homes

Well I’m going to be long-winded here because this one affects me the most so here we go... The park is not accessible in the least you can’t get up into it if you’re in a wheelchair you can’t move around it if you’re in a wheelchair and do manage to get up into the park it’s outdated the equipment is in sad shape and the most maintained part of it is the flowers.  Park needs to be updated the roads around it need to be repaired so that people can get to it there needs to be sidewalks and there needs to be a ramp so that somebody in a wheelchair can get up into the park and actually enjoy it.  Handicap people should be able to enjoy parts of the city just as much as anyone who is able bodied and as it stands right now they can’t without great effort and nine times out of ten it’s not even worth it by the time they can get into the park or other events.

Needs more trees

There is only playground equipment. It would be nice to have a basketball goal and half court

Needs new, updated playground equipment (like many schools have), shade areas, more picnic facilities/covered picnic facilities with trash cans, basketball court

No parking

Some of the equipment is very old. The basketball court is embarrassing. The BBQ/picnic area just isn't enough to make it a real picnic destination. We choose Bluff Creek.

It had that heavy equipment and supplies stored there for so long, I kind of laughed when the survey asked about the wooded area to the southwest because it was occupied by heavy equipment.

Promotion of location in local search engines, maps, etc.

The trash doesn't get emptied very often. The fences of homeowners whose back yards face the park need repair--aggressive dogs barking through the holes in the fences.

Parking, zero visual appeal

There was a time when a church daycare was using Johnson Park and it was overwhelming for her residence with small children. It was not safe to go to their own park. If a public park is going to be used for private purposes then they need to pay.

No goal, No parking,


Metal equipment is a concern in summer due to heat.  Playground equipment needs updating. No parking or sidewalk access (it's a struggle to push a stroller or bike over the curb and until the grass)

No bathroom basket ball goal always broken

no water fountain :( and needs pavilion or more shade

The play equipment is super old


The basketball goal needs to be replaced

Equipment needs to be updated, more trees need to be planted, more equipment  added, benches need to be replaced

Get ruff of the metal slides they burn my baby’s bottoms

Old equipment.

Not enough trees.

Not enough equipment .  Needs landscaping or a soccer goal

The basketball goal is always broken.

The space could be used more creatively.  And since it is a neighborhood park, the actives there need to be low-key - could be nature-focused.

It needs a ramp for wheel chairs and strollers.  Hard to get strollers over the curb.

I am handicapped, I take my Grandson,  NO sidewalk, ground is up a hill, and uneven! I'm always afraid I'll fall!!  NEEDS SIDEWALK ON CARLTON SIDE!!!

The basketball goal needs to be replaced.

Night time suspicious behavior on occasion

There isn’t much shade over the play equipment and the older equipment is very hot on warm days.

Maybe lighting at night. Can be a gathering place for kids up to no good

Safety landing areas under play equipment not maintained.  Not lighted very well at night especially the sw wooded area.  Use lights that shine down to light it to not shine in people’s homes.  More police checks especially late at night.  Vandalism including burning the tree and the basketball goal.    Lack of tree maintence.  Many hanging dead branches .

There is not much play ground equipment and it is all geared for very small children.

No water. Need bags for scat pickup

Carlton is a busy street and the equipment in the park is old.

No sidewalks

It seems to get kind of junky. It is close to the road.

Neighbors' fences need repair.  Sometims trash and cigarettes.

Not enough natural shade

Needs a more defined identity

Needs water and more benches and more shade trees

No walking path. Can't let my dog off leash. Could use a couple more trash cans.

Any other comments about Johnson Park?

Keep it a small and easy level park.

Please don’t add parking. This will reduce the space in the actual park. This is a walking destination. Parking isn’t necessary. Please do not add bathrooms. The donated benches are nice, but they are so covered in bird poop, we can’t sit on them.

I hardly go there

Just repeating that it needs to be more accessible and updated

It needs more trees

It is used by many families.  Any upgrades would be utilized

I love that someone puts on time for the tiny garden on the east side of the park. Wish there was more gardening (flowers and food) options there!

It's obvious someone has adopted that little flower garden on the east side of the park and I think it's awesome that someone does that.

The flower bed landscaping on the east side of the park bothers me. I like that there's an attempt, and that it seems to be maintained by a loving volunteer, but it's just bad landscape design, and the seasonal decorations that show up there are tacky. I'd love to see that whole side of the park professionally landscaped!

Equipment was to hot to touch

I would like to see more equipment, possibly make  use  of the se corner of the park. Covered seating area possibly?  It would also be cool to see a small water feature  in the park (thinking of myriad garden style water feature)

love the open spaces

Kudos to the person that takes care of that little flower garden by the road.

The person who maintains the little garden does a great job.

I would like to see trees and big rocks to climb on.

Not sure whose responsibility it is, but the fences along the neighbors’ backyards need to be replaced. My 2-year old can squeeze through the gaps very quickly!! He could very easily enter a backyard with large barking dogs

Appreciate our Village police drive bys to keep our park safe

I think the park could be nicer with some landscaping, maybe a new & modern play area for kids. Walking paths are also nice.

We bought our home across from the park 40 years ago because of the park.  Didn’t realize the problem of speeders and stop sign at Sunnymede runners  that had only grown worse over the years.  It’s a miracle no child had been hit especially when many cars are parked there.

I’m excited to see what improvements will be made.

Love the plot of flowers that someone keeps going with new flowers and plants year 'round. Nice to have a place with green grass, well-mowed and no dog droppings in evidence.

There is a wooded area to use?  We'll be back to explore that!

A water fountain would be great

Part of it could be turned into a fenced dog park area

Needs swings, gardens, trees, volleyball  and basketball

The park closest to our house. Lots of time spent here just wish there was more here.

What do you like about Meeker Park?

I used to live closer when I was a kid and was very glad to have a park so close.

Nice place to walk through with my dog

It’s tucked away

It is open and provides a visual rest for the eye.

I like how private it is.

Goal. Nice grass, big space

New equipment for my toddler to use, lots of people from the community gather, new picnic area.

Close to home, new pavilion and play equipment are great

Walk my dog there and see friends along the way.

The new things put in. Its relaxing.

can ,walk to, watch the water in canal after rain, take grandson to play equipment

Close proximity


Walking distance

I love how close the park is and the grass is nice

It’s okay

What problems does Meeker Park have?

It’s just kind of bland. Is there even a big toy like at Johnson Park? I can’t remember.

Terrible parking. It’s at a dead end so it’s really a mess. There’s actually only street parking.

To many stickers, gate to back open to new residential area. Loud behind wooden fence, with music and residential noise

This is a really good, updated park

People have birthday parties and such, and Park all up down down our streets, making it hard to get around

The location is not great. Hidden away but also draws in from surrounding OKC. Does not feel safe because of the seclusion.

New neighborhood causes concerns--fencing is down in between the park and the neighborhood. The people seem very nice but there is concern about recent gun shots being heard, which we have never had before--maybe an area for the Village police.  The Village police have always been very efficient.

none that I know of

not enough picnic tables, covered area used alot on weekends for parties/reunions

Nothing to attract us. Would love to see tennis or exercise equipment

There really isn’t much going on. No neighborhood events or things to do

Any other comments about Meeker Park?

Didn't feel safe

None thanks!

Would like to have cook out grills put in where the covered picnic seating is.

love to see fire dept. use facilities, grandson loves this

I would love to have a fenced in dog park

What do you like about Wayne Schooley Park?

Views of the lake, walking trail, proximity to our house

Has a nice walking path

It’s large but feels small (in a good way like everything is accessible), and despite its shape, it’s very versatile.

The paved path

That it doesn't have alot of lighting. I think it could be a great park for star gazing

Close to my home and playground

THat it is there and there is a 1/4 mile concrete sidewalk around it to walk on.


Walking path and dog poop stations.    This is the best maintained and most modern park in the village because it it it it is in the neighborhood with the largest houses in the most political leverage. that in such a small town all the parks cannot be as equally nice and as updated as a single park.

Close to my friends house, great for dogs


Love the neighborhood feel of the park. Amazing views of lake and sunswt

The view of the lake and the open field. Walking paths and the limited okay equipment. At least it’s something

The walking trail, the open areas

walking path and SUNSET is so pretty love the view of the lake, we regularly go to watch the sunset -

It's very close to my house and the walking path is nice.

I love the walking trail, the views of Lake Hefner and the open spaces.

The Walking path was nice.

It's a little hidden with great views.

It’s a gift to be simple, its versatility

The closeness

Neighborhood park with great views. Lots of open space to run around. Creeks to the north and west. Great walking trail.

It’s in the neighborhood and has a lake view surrounded by trees

it's close to my house and it's small and quaint


Proximity to my house and view of the lake

I enjoy the trail

I love how quiet it is and the views

I like the openness and I love the sunsets.

close to my house, great view of the lake

It could probably use more equipment for kids and a few more trees

Walking paths are falling apart. Grass isn’t mowed frequently. Swing area looking rough. No lights on the west side of the path

Not enough things to play on at the park for kids

A bit too dark at night.  Needs updated equipment for young children.

a few updates

Not very much play equipment for little ones...

Odor sometimes

Not enough lighting for early morning or late walking.


Not enough play activities for children or adults.  Poor use of space.  Too dark in the evening for walking at night.  Park is held hostile by a few residents.

Play equipment

Playground equipment is widespread and very age specific.  It is hard to watch and play with children of multiple ages.

sometimes smells like sewage, have seen predatory birds(hawks) circling the area recently

not enough playground equipment

not enough playground equipment

Close to my house

Benches and walking path

The openness and the large open space. Not too many features that crowd it

The walking trail

Location and views

It's very open with not too many items to clutter the landscape.  There are plenty of benches and a small play area for children.  A very relaxing place to be.

Views   Openness

Integration with nature... love watching the sunset over the lake.

The open feel and the cut grass in the field. Hard to find open space to run around in town.


View of Lake Hefner. The nice breeze.

The location. The open space for running around. The trail for walking and bike riding.

Proximity to home, the trail for kids bike riding, open spaces for running

You can see lake and has walking path

What problems does Wayne Schooley Park have?

No good place for kids to play and the current equipment is right next to a drainage ditch right next to it.

Nothing much for older kids to do.

Could use adult calisthenics area

It’s a bring your own fun kind of park. Not a ton provided to do.

It needs trees!


Water fountain needs to be fixed

On the west border of the park there are 3 or 4 sewer stacks that are very stinky most days

Walking path is too short to be of much use to most people. I went once to take a walk there and never returned--probably never will, since it's not in my part of the village.

Not enough equipment

Not enough equipment. Would love to have a small dog park there.

No adaptive equipment for children with special needs

Not much equipment

not much for big kids to play on

The play equipment is very limited and in poor condition. There is too much open space that is rarely utilized and landscaping is limited.

Not enough play ground equipment and some very dated. I hate that the baby swings are so far from the big kids swings. That's hard to manage when you have children of different ages. Some of the neighbors surrounding the park are cranky. Not enough light to feel super safe walking at dusk or dark. Lots of wasted space. Should have more picnic space and shade.

Not very much playground equipment

Not a lot there.

Road noise and sewer smell

Lack of playground equipment, not level, dark, not enough activities or shade

Terrible equipment. Little shade, especially by picnic table. No benches near playground equipment.

Nothing to do at the park.  Needs equipment or tennis court and some landscaping.  Maybe a pavilion

not enough to do and it seems bare

No water fountains for dogs, outdated playground equipment

No lighting at night, equipment is terrible and there is not enough of it (tons of little kids nearby that rarely use the equipment), dangerous drop off near the equipment, no soccer goals, no football goals, no frizbee golf, no bocce ball, no workout equipment, perfect for playing fetch but you get a $200 ticket if your dog is off the leash for one minute, floods in heavy storms, no pavilion, electric lines obstruct the view of the sunset, etc... we can do much better

play equipment not good, no light, smell from sewage, big open area going unused, needs more activities for kids, not much reason to stay very long

I enjoy going there. I go just about everyday

Nope.  We love it.

me and my family would love an outdoor adult gym at this park.  pull up bars,  calisthenics park, I see others using the benches and tables for exercise.  I love the idea of working out outside at our own neighborhood park.

Just  add some trees

I’d love to see some investment in the park for young children

My grandson loves to go to the park

It needs more landscaping, it has a ton of potential and would be utilized much more if it had more amenities.

It needs more money.  It’s the least developed in the Village.

I would like to see play equipment integrated in the terrain and some shade.

What a tremendous blessing!

I think it would be awesome to see a fenced in area added for dogs to run and play. I see tons of dogs being walked around the park and it would be nice to let them off the leash every now and then.

so much room for improvement

limited and old equipment for kids

Poor utility of the field. It could be a soccer field or otherwise more functional

There are some cracks throughout the walking trail

Minimal equipment and large field that could be utilized better- soccer goals or tennis court

It would be nice if the benches and picnic bench had covers to provide protection from the hot sun in the summertime.  Maybe a few more trees for shade.

Needs lighting especially for winter walks after work. Picnic tables need shade.  Sidewalks need repair. More playground equipment

It needs something, other than walking, for those over 6 years old.

Highway noise, but what can you do...

No fences, inadequate and uncovered play area, no splash pad, not enough shade!!!!!

A while back a resident was running his unleashed dog there. The dog was big and sometimes too friendly particularly for small children.

The playground equipment is lacking

No shade, very limited play equipment, no court

Any other comments about Wayne Schooley Park?

We love our neighborhood park and walking trail but wish we could incorporate lawn games, a few things for older kids to enjoy without blocking the beautiful view of the lake. Would love to at least have bars for my girls to swing around on.

It needs trees, lots of trees!

Not many know about the park it would help to have signs along May Avenue or Britton Road indicating it is nearby.  More picnic tables with shelters to provide a shady spot to sit.

need more benches, would like a pavillion or more shade- just pelase do not ever block that beautiful view!

The neighborhood around WSP has dozens of kids that deserve a better park to grow up around!

We love this neighborhood park and can't wait to see it receive a much-needed update!

It’s a nice balance to the other busy with kid equipment parks already in The Village.

We love our park, just want some improvement. Some Programming would be great there.

Would love to see off-leash hours for dogs

Wish the trail was longer or could get to lake Hefner.

Perfect location, hidden gem (when it gets updated), need something for all ages. Has been neglected due to a few neighbors that complain about everything. They don't own the park and it is lazy to neglect the wishes of others due to a few rotten apples.

Would love to update the playground and add a splashpad

Really looked play structures to climb and side that wouldn't obstruct the view

Golf balls still being hit and nothing is being done ! I play golf but do not  use park for driving range.

Open field area needs something added

Great area, could just use more features;it has the space for it. IE: splash pad, updated/more variety in equipment, tennis court, basketball goals, soccer goals, etc.

I love this park!!


Would love to see a small basketball shooting court, for kids/tweens/teens to work on layups. Families would be able to go out and play Horse together! Top priority.

Also, a 3v3 soccer field. (Much smaller than regular soccer field.) This would get used so much! Inexpensive, and doesn't ruin the organic feel of the park.

Lovely park. maybe update the playground equipment  or add some trees around the perimeter,  but I’d hate to see the open field have more things built on it. The walking trail and open field seem to be used the most by residents to exercise dogs or play sports.

Please update. Compared to others old and with minimal things to do!

I love this park

Currently there are multiple tiered open grass areas. Lots of opportunities to add features and maintain open areas.