Here’s the plan.


The masterplans for Bumpass, Duffner, Harrison, Johnson, Meeker, and Wayne Schooley parks are the result of individual site analysis balanced with a need for a well rounded parks offering within The Village. Community input through the surveys, chats, and steering committee shaped the programming included in each park. Each of the parks features a looped path which structures the park providing access to amenities and creating multiple walking routes for visitors. See what each park has to offer below.

Standard Amenities 

This collection of amenities including a pavilion, water fountain, electric device charger, and bike maintenance station and racks; is recommended as standard in every park.

Amenities 1.jpg
Amenities 2.jpg

Ground Materials

In each park’s plan you’ll see the textures shown on the left. Look to the right for a guide of what each means.

village lawn symbol.jpg


Traditional manicured lawn with irrigation, pest management, and regularly scheduled mowing.



Grasses selected for their sweeping character. The blades lie flat on the ground for a comfortable walking surface that only requires occasional mowing. 



A mix of seeds suited to the site will be spread so different flower species will bloom throughout the seasons. You could say it’s a butterfly buffet.

village concrete symbol.jpg


Concrete walkways are designed to be comfortably wide for people to pass each other, but not so wide they take up valuable recreation space. Multipaths are widened to 10’ to handle more pedestrians and cyclists.


Rubber Surfacing

Poured in place rubber is a playground favorite for fall safety, accessibility, and bright colors.


Playground Mulch

Engineered wood fiber is a safe play surface that is great for natural play areas, or where rubber surfacing is cost prohibitive.


Decomposed Granite

DG is a fine gravel material that is a comfortable walking surface and great for high traffic areas. It’s more pleasant than a lawn for parties after a rain too.  


 Bumpass Park

Village Masterplan Bumpass.jpg

Duffner Park

Village Masterplan Bumpass.jpg
Duffner Mood Board.jpg

Harrison Park

Village Masterplan Harrison.jpg

Johnson Park

Village Masterplan Johnson.jpg

Meeker Park

Village Masterplan Meeker.jpg
Meeker Mood Board.jpg

Wayne Schooley Park

Village Masterplan Wayne Schooley.jpg
Wayne Schooley Mood Board.jpg

What about the pups? 


At the first community chat we looked at how much space a dog park would require. The conclusion was that none of the parks could handle the load. However, a pop-up dog park on an undeveloped lot (like Midtown Mutts in OKC) is a possibility. The site under consideration is near City Hall on Manchester Dr.


Are we keeping our vintage play equipment?


As is, the existing equipment does not meet current safety and accessibility standards. Our recommendation is to select the favorite climbers from across the parks, and incorporate them into a new connected playground at Bumpass Park where they can have the appropriate ground surfacing to bring them into compliance. The swings in good condition can be incorporated across the parks as well. New equipment will be selected to provide a unique play environment at each park with a focus on recreating the experiences of the pieces which are removed. With appropriately selected equipment The Village Parks can provide exciting playgrounds to serve residents of all ages and abilities.

lake blue rectangle.png

What’s next?


These masterplans are long range plans that go beyond the current funding available. The Parks Plan team is working now to estimate construction costs and provide recommendations for initial improvements.


When will construction start?


The Village has been moving at a steady pace with GO Bond projects thus far. You can expect to see the first park improvements within as little as a year.